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EOA has designed residences, educational, corporate and town government facilities throughout the Northeast United States.
Below, a partial client list:

Thieberger Residence, Cross River NY
Evison Residence, Bronxville NY
Parmet Residence, Pound Ridge NY
Messenger Residence, Pound Ridge NY
Stevelman Residence, South Salem NY
Town of Lewisboro - Town House, South Salem NY
Town of Lewisboro - Onatru Farm, South Salem NY
Jones Residence, Somers NY
Goldstein Residence, South Salem NY
Giordano Residence, Armonk NY
Matthews Residence, Vista NY
Sorensen Residence, Ridgefield CT
Caramoor Center for Music and the Arts, Bedford NY
Roeder Residence, Nantucket MA
Doherty Residence, South Salem NY
Finkelstein Residence, South Salem NY
Crystal Residence, New York NY
Freedman Residence, Brookville NY
Kahan Residence, Southampton NY
Raved Residence, New York NY
Flying Point Road Residence, Southampton NY
Oceanaire Properties Residence, Southampton NY
Stone Hill Residences, Pound Ridge NY

Gould Residence, Chappaqua NY
Greene Residence, Chappaqua NY
Solomon Residence, Chappaqua NY
Spickhoff Residence, Chappaqua NY
Silverman Residence, Chappaqua NY
Rinaldi Residence, Chappaqua NY
Pfeiffer Residence, Chappaqua NY
Mooseneck Residence, Chappaqua NY
Draper Residence, Bedford NY
Lober Residence, Briarcliff NY
Crow Hill Residence, Yorktown NY
McGowan Residence, Chappaqua NY
Scott Residence, New York NY
Scott Residence, Southampton NY
Shannon Stables, North Salem NY
Holdsworth Residence, Bedford NY
South Hill Residence, Ludlow VT
Dorfi Residence, Yorktown NY
Ozols Residence, Mt Kisco NY
Stern Residence, Yorktown NY
Matlin Residence, Armonk NY
Oxman Residence, Yorktown NY

Jaffe Residence, Chappaqua NY

Fragipane Residence, Westport CT
Sottile Residence, Bedford NY
Lieberman Residence, Chappaqua NY
Marcus Residence, Pound Ridge NY
Berner Residence, Chappaqua NY
Lipman Residence, Chappaqua NY
Federman Residence, Chappaqua NY
Nemerov Residence, Chappaqua NY
Thaler Residence, Bedford NY
Shupak Residence, Chappaqua NY
Pfeiffer Residence, Chappaqua NY
Coppola Residence, Pound Ridge NY
Northwind Kennels, Bedford NY
Temple Shaaray Tefila, Bedford NY
Town of Mt Kisco Senior Center, Mt Kisco NY
Briccetti Building Offices, Mt Kisco NY
Yankelovich, Skelley & White Offices, Stamford CT
Fox Park, Mt Kisco NY
Kiscona Apartment Complex, Mt Kisco NY
Smit-Nymegen USA Headquarters, Mt Kisco NY
Harris Residence, Pawling NY
Kaplan Residence, Chappaqua NY