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The design philosophy of EOA is guided by two meta-principles: uniqueness and aptness.

Great architecture cannot exist in a cultural vacuum. There is no single design approach suitable to all seasons. The architect must be able and willing to respond to both the context of the site as well as the client’s cultural and functional needs.

There is magic hidden in the unique needs of each client and each site, awaiting discovery and expression by the Architect.  The design philosophy of EOA incorporates creative design with functional and contextual elements. 

First and foremost, the work of EOA is the result of an intense collaboration with clients, leading to strong and highly individualized designs. Listening carefully to how a client expresses their needs as well as what they say is paramount to the design process. It is the context of a client’s life experiences and desires which shape the design into an inspired whole.

Second and hardly less important is that a building pay respect, where respect is due, to its surroundings. A building, to be successful, must be friendly to its landscape and to its neighbors. EOA considers environmental appropriateness and historical context to be of the greatest importance to a successful design.

The work of EOA begins with creative design but follows through with concentrated attention to detail. Only careful attention to the seemingly insignificant can ensure that a project follows through on its great intentions.  This thread continues into the construction process as well as post-construction concerns.

EOA has designed projects in Westchester, Fairfield, Manhattan, Nassau & Suffolk counties as well as Nantucket MA, Charleston SC and Asheville NC.

The work of EOA has been recognized by The American Institute of Architects and is the recipient of The American Institute of Architects Honor Award.